Why I’m Not Deleting This Blog Just Yet

One of the results of avidly testing out various blogging platforms over the past few years is that I have various blogs, like this, sitting virtually or completely unattended. Which is not a great look.  I’m in the process of rationalising my array of websites and blogs. When I looked this site today and realised I’ve hardly used it, my first instinct was to delete it. How to do that was not immediately obvious, so I did a search. The following faq extract with its very clear warning from the WordPress people gave me pause:

I deleted my blog but now I’d like it back

You cannot. When you delete a blog there are clear warnings about the consequences of doing so. It cannot be brought back nor can the blog domain be used again.

Although I can’t see an immediate need for the domain, it does incorporate my name. So rather than jettison it and be frustrated if at some time in the future I want to use it after all, I’ll leave the blog here and think about ways in which I might use it.

Why I’m Not Deleting This Blog Just Yet

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